Izinga Catering Equipment are suppliers of Commercial kitchen equipment to the Sub Saharan African market.

Our clientele includes:

  • Retail & Franchising
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Institutions
  • Corporate Facilities
  • Government & Parastatal Institutions
  • Industrial & Commercial Institutions
  • Conference Facilities
  • Contract Caterers
  • Bakery
  • Pubs & Grills
  • Fast Food
  • Coffee Shops

With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, we are equipped to undertake projects of any size. From small scale remodeling to large commercial kitchens, our focus is always on quality.

Finding the Right Type of Catering Equipment for Your Business:

Catering equipment includes anything used to prepare, cook, heat, and store your food. We’re sure to have the commercial catering equipment and appliances you need. From ovens and fryers that can be used to cook your food to slushy machines and merchandising refrigerators for front-of-house use, we offer a wide variety of commercial kitchen appliances. If you’re looking for cooking equipment and ovens, you’ll find everything from steam cooking equipment and ranges to combination ovens and microwaves. You can also find Izinga’s Kitchen equipment to help you make your food prep more efficient. We even carry shelving, carts, and work tables to offer you more storage space in your crowded back-of-house area. To keep your food out of the temperature danger zone, we have a wide selection of food holding and warming equipment, including steam tables, drawer warmers, and banquet carts. You can also find cold restaurant equipment like refrigerators and ice machines. By making us your catering equipment supply store, you can outfit every part of your commercial food-service establishment, from the back-storage room to the kitchen to the display area. Izinga Catering Equipment are suppliers of numerous, world leading, international brands which compliment locally manufactured equipment.

We are proud suppliers of the following range of kitchen utensils, industrial cookware, commercial kitchens & appliances to the hospitality & food service industries:

  • Metro

For over 80 years, Metro® has been the world’s leading manufacturer of storage and transport equipment in Healthcare, Foodservice and Commercial markets. From our innovative wire and polymer shelving lines – Genuine Super Erecta, Super Adjustable II, MetroMax iQ – to carts, C5 heated cabinets, Flo Series mobile computing workstations – the revolutionary Starsys storage and transport system – to a broad range of medication management systems including Lionville Series medication carts and pharmacy fixtures along with our MedDispense Series automated dispensing cabinets, Metro Puts Space to Work in labs, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, retail areas, factories, and beyond.


  • Sirman

SIRMAN has been a leader in the professional catering equipment sector for over 30 years. The range is now universally recognized as a name that stands for quality, safety and professional expertise. The range includes slicers, panini grills, vegetable cutters, stick blenders, blast chillers and induction hobs.


  • Gatto

Heavy duty cooking range suitable for all environments. With its robust stainless steel exterior and high quality parts this equipment will be sure to meet all of your expectations. Izinga is proud of our GATTO Premium Range  – this product has been carefully selected for the busy professional catering market.

  • Pacific

Our comprehensive range of commercial refrigerators includes high performance cabinets, counters, reach-in / modular blast chillers and freezers, cold rooms, back bar and specialist display equipment.

  • NTF

Since 1991 we have supplied our clients with ICE, wherever they are and whatever they need. Cooling, refreshing, and preserving: our business is ice. Through extensive research and observation we have come to thoroughly understand its character and potential. Crystalline, compact, thirst-quenching, and above all cold, very cold ice. If you need ice every day, procure it from those who produce it with skill and competence, keeping in mind technological innovation and design at all times. NTF’s ice makers supply every kind of ice you may need, delivering freshness for every occasion. All NTF‘s ice makers comply with the highest quality standards as certified by the EC and IMQ marks and comply with local quality standards in the majority of countries we operate. Subsequently we are able to grant the best production and energy saving efficiency while never compromising the quality or aesthetic looks of the ice. Essential but attractive design, emphasized by the use of stainless steel, allow NTF ice makers to compliment any furnishing or room.


  • Retigo

Heavy duty European combination steamer ovens in a variety of sizes and models. For preparation of a complete menu, you need not only an experienced team of cooks, but also quality food preparation equipment that will never let you down under any circumstances. Such equipment includes the combi steamer, today an indispensable multi functional aid to the modern kitchen. RETIGO professional combi ovens feature a functional design refined to the last detail, intuitive control and excellent insulation properties (will not heat the kitchen). Besides this, they offer advanced functions that include automatic cleaning or economic water and electricity consumption.


  • Moduluks

State of the art Italian glass and dishwashers perfect all wash u areas. EVOLINE series is simple advance entry level machine with LED control buttons, multiple washing cycles, digital display, single insulated structure and double insulated door. Robust product easy to use and maintenance with latest washing system technology.

  • Euromatic

Our vacuum pack machines are imported directly from Italy. This is ideal item for all catering equipment sector realities thanks to its strong stainless steel external carter, is easy to use digital control board and its fast vacuum cycle performed inside the chamber.


  • SPAR Mixers

SPAR Mixers is our product line of heavy-duty planetary mixers. All SPAR heavy duty mixers have thermal overload protection, which immediately   shuts off the motor in an overload situation before costly damage can occur to the motor or transmission components. SPAR heavy duty dough mixers are coated with long-lasting, chip-resistant, toxin-free paint enamel.

  • Aqua Boil

This plumbed in water boiler is ideal for all catering requirements. Plumbed in water boilers do not require you to manually refill them, they are supplied with water straight from the mains.

  • Castello

Castello is our range of display ware. Castello is a high market product from Chaffing dishes to Melamine Table ware.

  • Samsung

We proudly import our microwaves from the UK. Quick and easy cooking for modern Living. The ultimate in microwave efficiency. Samsung’s microwave ovens provide the convenience of one touch cooking.